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Why BOHOL is the next BIG thing?

watch the video and see how AMAZING BOHOL is.

700,000+ tourists visits

1000+ growing businesses

100+ tourist sites to visit

Why Behold Bohol Application is Amazing?


Indexed Contents

Reliable Information

Powerful Features

Reliable Information

Information like how to go there, what to do, how much is the fare

and more can be seen the app.


Information is reliable since it is directly from the Businesses.


There are also upcoming local events and special ads that offers discount,

promos, vouchers and more included in the app so you might want to

check it out frequently.

Easy Navigation

If you are a visitor or a local living in Bohol well it doesn’t matter because

we created the app for everybody.


We indexed the information for things to be easy.


Tabs contain where to stay, eat, visit, fun facts and more. Direct to the

point, less unwanted information.


People hate scrolling and clicking and other unnecessary things you can

do just to get to there so we made it easy for you.

Powerful Features

Another feature that is now available in the app is it’s Save Feature.


It enables you to save an information offline so that even without an

internet, you can still have that specific information.

Bohol offers a lot of places to visit that Wi-fi or internet may not

beavailable so we made everything ready for your adventure to be fruitful.




With the best technology available, i’m sure you will experience a very fast

and effective app.

Reliable Information, Easy Navigation, Powerful Features




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0999 853 3836 / 0919 321 1711

Everywhere in Bohol esp. Tagbilaran City

And we also love Coffee 😀

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